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The Margretta Nash Scholarship Fund

Margretta Nash was born and raised in Smoketown Area of Louisville, Kentucky.  She graduated from Central High School in 1949.  During her 12 years of education she had perfect attendance.

Although she didn’t receive any post-secondary education, she was a strong advocate for education.  Because of her encouragement, she had two daughters and four grandchildren graduate from college.  She was an entrepreneur who was a self-taught seamstress who specialized in design and alterations.  Additionally she was a well-known caterer and excellent cake baker, known for her Italian Cream Cakes.

Most importantly she was a “people person” with friends representing all walks of life and never passed up an opportunity to assist others.  Her spirit of entrepreneurship. thoughtfulness and consideration of others prompted the effort to establish this scholarship fund bearing name. 

A Special

Scholarship Emphasis

The Margretta Nash Scholarship Fund has annually provided financial support to young African American women; as they transition from high school to college. The Scholarship focuses on women pursuing STEAM-related careers fields. We are always seeking both donations to our organization and applications from students who fit our criteria.


Science covers a wide range of fields, from biology to astronomy to physics. These careers are complex but because of their broad-ranging and diverse topics, science brings in people of all types.

Typical career focuses include: Biomedical engineering & chemical engineering.


Technology is very broad term. Your coffee maker is a form of technology, as is the smartphone in your purse and the industrial crane in a commercial construction zone.

Typical careers focuses are: Software developer, database administrator, & data management.


Although technology and engineering are somewhat synonymous, engineering is often seen as the design and construction of large, complex structures, such as buildings, computer networks, and ships.

Typical career focuses include: Civil engineer & industrial engineer.


It’s all in the numbers. Math involves calculations from simple to complex that help make predictions and solve problems. While some deal with it more than others, all STEM fields will involve math in some form.

Typical career focuses include: Statistician & mathematician.

The Arts

The arts also bring an essential component of creative thinking to the table, which has a direct impact on innovation—everything from apps to phones to smart cars.

Though not all students will excel at STEM, we have the potential to engage and empower more students in those fields by including the arts. By doing so, students don't need to choose between being an artist or a scientist—they get to be both and could become stronger job candidates in the future because of it. The arts are a great learning tool and can serve as an on-ramp to STEM for underrepresented students.

Design. Art can serve a practical function. Students might apply design and decoration to products that were created during the course of a design challenge. They could use computer graphics to create logos or stylized designs to include in communications or presentations. Through industrial design, students could improve the appearance, design, and usability of a product created during a STEM project.

Typical career focuses include: Careers - Architect, Website/App Designer, Animator.

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